Our organic certified products strengthen the soil-based microbial ecosystem, stimulate crop development at key points in the growth cycle.

Increasing demand for Biological Solutions for improved crop nutrition aligns with advances in enabling technologies. There is a clear and overwhelming need to increase agricultural productivity within the constraints imposed by limited natural resources – We are in the midst of a revolution in agriculture. Technologies are emerging that open new opportunities for a more complete understanding of the mode of action of many agricultural biological solutions – including the importance of the microbial communities that interact closely with plants and reside both above and below ground. Biotechnology solutions for yield based on crops will be most impactful and exciting in the years to come, to develop and support sustainable agriculture to the next level.

Challenges of conventional seed treatment: Seed treatment products are chemical fungicide and have a Short protection window. Use of the conventional seed treatment disturbs beneficial microbial flora and also the soil ecosystem along with texture.

Biotrends Intervention to improve soil ecosystem

The Seed Care Range of product is completely biological, containing micro-organism, and registered under FCO. These micro-organisms help to solubilize phosphate in the roots & make bio-rational phosphates available to plants.

So directly makes the soil fertile & also increases the plant health. It is an innovative solution that is based on SmartGenX technology. It ensures the healthy germination of seeds and prepares the ground to express its full genetic potential in production and quality. Along with providing good growth and vigor to the plants it also helps plants to sustain in a stressed condition and will fight against various soil-borne pathogens.

Mycorrhizal Biofertilizers

Liquid Biofertilizer

"Research around the use of Biostimulantspoints to clear opportunities forreducing key impactsrelated to agricultural production. Incorporating Biostimulants into our improvement opportunities reflects TSC’scommitment to scienceas the foundation for our work. This effort ultimatelystrengthens the quality and impactof our toolkits by reflecting new scientific findings.”

Biotrends applies advanced plant science and bio-ag solutions in the development and commercialization of botanical crop protection solutions for growers worldwide. Our natural formulations are proven in fighting diseases and strengthening the efficacy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for a numerous variety of crops and in multiple growing environments.

Biotrends’ Botanical based solutions are the ideal complement to conventional spraying programs. Unlike other biological products, these innovative constituents are highly stable and integrate easily with chemicals.

The constituents of Biotrends’ products are smart enough to identify and modify the internal immune system of a certain plant in resisting disease and converting them into formulations to be against other diseases.

This new broad-spectrum bioinsecticide is active against a wide array of chewing and sucking insects including mites which features in novel modes of action.

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