A smart solution for a smart farmer helps to promote the production of flowers and fruits with the enhanced quality


Engrande is a biofertilizer containing Azospirillum which fixes atmospheric nitrogen into available form and provides to the plant while enhancing the soil-water-plant relations and soil health. It is a strong Biostimulator based on latest SmartGenX technology. The application of Engrande to the plants improve the ability of plants to protect and repair itself under biotic or abiotic condition for maximum genetic performance. The composition presents in Engrande provide excellent vegetative and reproductive growth of plants resulting better nourished and productive plants.

Engrande is having unique property of having plant-based medium and presence of bioavailable L-Amino acids which gets easily absorbed by plants and offer great efficacy.

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Recommended crops:

All Horticulture Crops Chilly, Tomato, Brinjal, Okra, Cucurbits, Mango, Citrus, Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Guava, Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, Soybean, other Fruits and Vegetables, and Plantation crops


500 ML / Acre

Foliar application, To be used with NMD nozzle and ensure that spray droplet reaches every leaf of the crop

  • Time of Application: Pre-flowering or fruit initiation stage
  • Multiple picking: Alternate application of Engrande and Touchgold after each picking
  • Preferably apply Engrande during morning hours for best result,

Engrande is compatible with commonly used foliar micronutrients

Mode of action

Bioavailable form:
The components present in Engrande are in bioavailable form due to which these get absorbed by the plants easily and participate actively in different plant growth activities. The compositions stimulate cell elongation and fission specially at the time of flower & fruit formation. Also, it enhances the photosynthetic capacity and translocation of nutrients to its target site.


  • Increase the nutrient availability and faster uptake
  • Vigorous plant and better fruit formation
  • Reduce the incidence of fruit and flower dropping
  • Larger canopy size, the formation of flower to fruit
  • Engrande helps to make the stem joining to the fruit and the flower soft
  • Increased immunity of plant against biotic stress conditions
  • Enhance crop produce quality and offer better commercial value of yield
  • Optimum utilization of nutrients in the phyllosphere and increased concentration of chlorophyll in leaves

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