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A substance or micro-organism that, when applied to seeds, plants, or the rhizosphere, stimulates natural processes to enhance or benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, [or] crop quality and yield.

Aloe Vera has been used in cultivation in agriculture and known as Natures Tonic, Wonder Plant, and Miracle Plant because the constituents in Aloe Vera extract produce a Phyto tonic effect, kills bacteria, and increase local microcirculation in plants and are used in wound healing or rejuvenation.

The science behind the SmartGenX Technology: innovations from Biotrends

Our cutting-edge proprietary plant-based technology is derived from Aloe vera. The composition of our solutions is 100% organic and biorational for the sustainable intensification of Agriculture. The Microbial products of Biotrends are derived by High Cell Density (HCD) fermentation process, followed by inducing specialized biochemical dormancy, to cease further fermentation which is part of microbial 2.0 next-generation technology. Microbes derived from the HCD fermentation process are stabilized into the Aloe vera based aqueous suspension process.

This results in a smell of Aloe vera in our solutions, because of the specialized formulation process, where microbes maintain basal metabolic rate, to keep themselves alive in a dormant condition. The unique proposition of Biotrends biological solutions is the color-coding of the products for easy identification, which is an integral part of SmartGenX Technology. The color-coding does not specify any toxicity level. Biotrends products are safe for the environment, zero-carbon, probiotic in nature derived from plant-based, and suitable for sustainable agriculture.