For Optimum Soil Health, Vigorous Roots, Flourished Plants and, Better Stress Tolerance


MAXEROOT is an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) having endomycorrhizal spores in granular formulation, MAXEROOT application to the crop root zone germinate the endo spores on the root surface and invades the crop root by establishing symbiotic relationship. Through mycelium its connected to the crop roots without causing any harm. It enhances surface area of roots and facilitates increased absorption of soil nutrients (Phosphorus, Nitrogen, calcium, Zinc, Magnesium etc.,) and water ultimately helps the crop to efficiently manage environmental stress.

MAXEROOT is based on SmartGenX gel technology due to which spores can be loaded uniformly on carrier many folds. It is loaded with other plant-based components which offer extra benefits to the plant's growth. Maxeroot is a black granule with aloe vera essential oil fragrance without unpleasant smell.

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4 Kg / acre by broadcast method, ensure sufficient moisture in the soil.

7-40 days after sowing (crop-wise recommendation), Needs to ensure that it reaches the root zone of the crop

Mode of action

Absorption of nutrients:
When applied it gets associated with the roots, grows deeper & helps greater absorption of nutrients especially P. in addition to that it increases rhizosphere.

Crop productivity:
The large rhizosphere results in better plant root ultimately increase crop productivity


  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Nutrient use efficiency
  • Phytotonic effect (quick greening effect visible in the plants)
  • Better yield
  • Return on investment
  • Pleasant fragrance of Aloe vera
  • Faster and healthy plant establishment
  • Resistance during draught conditions and stress tolerance
  • Improved and sustainable soil health
  • No dust off from the spores while application
  • Enhance and even distribution of the root & shoot growth
  • Induces profuse vegetative growth

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