Nano Future Technology

Nanotechnology has the prospective to improve the agriculture and food industry with novel nanotools for the controlling of rapid disease diagnostic, enhancing the capacity of plants to absorb nutrients, among others.

Biotrends’ nano technology-based products in nutrient segments are unique proteino-lacto-gluconate formulation that helps to prevent and correct nutrient deficiency in the cultivated crops. It also reduces the intensity of chlorosis, withering in patches, formation of abnormal leaves, increases crop tolerance to diseases and boost growth.

Biotrends approached unique and innovative nutrients encapsulation with nano particles technology that offer smart delivery system to the soil and plants. The Nano-biosensors based solutions provide better efficiency of nutrients by enhancing biotic mineralization.

Moreover, Biotrends is working on CRF (Controlled release Formulations) technology against various kinds of insects. The technology is based on nano emulsion fused with pheromones which offer efficient long duration protection against insects.

Other Amazing Solutions