Improve the Phosphate availability which increases the immunity of the plant to suppress the effect of diseases and various pathogens by stimulating the natural defence system


Nforce is a bio-fertilizer containing PSB live microorganism, which is derived from the HCD booster process from advanced SmartGenX technology the compositions of which are completely plant-based. Nforce helps in enhancing the soil fertility by solubilizing phosphate, decomposing organic wastes, and thereby producing plant growth substances.

Nforce contains Bacillus sp. Cells in the formulation which is in micro-encapsulated form; non-pathogenic microorganism immobilized and suspended in aqueous suspension with Colony Forming Unit of 1 X 10(8) cells/ml. When applied to the soil, microbes in Nforce™ begin the colonization process mostly around the plant's root area for nearly 3 to 5 weeks depending on application dosage, soil type, fertility, moisture, and temperature. Unutilized Phosphate available in the soil in and around the root system solubilized facilitated to the crop for absorption and helping the soil to recover the living and active part of its organic matter through the colonization of beneficial microorganisms, ultimately improves physicochemical properties.

Nforce is having a unique mode of action. It acts in a triple way: Directly on the pathogens, Indirectly through elicitors on the system of protection of plant physiological and competition for space and nutrients in the soil.

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500 Ml/ Acre

Mix 500 ml of 'Nforce' in 200 L water and apply on the stem base of the designated crop in one acre. Ensure that 'Nforce' reaches the root system of the crop. `Nforce' can be applied through drip irrigation and soil drenching. For best result, from Nforce', it can be broadcasted suitably mixed with Maxeroot (AMF) or compost organic manure when soil is having sufficient moisture. Nursery plant's roots can be dipped just before transplanting.

Nforce can also be applied in spray @ 500ml/acre at different crop stages.

Mode of action

Nforce converts insoluble phosphates into soluble forms which can be easily absorbed by the plant through the processes of acidification, by the production of organic acids, production of acid, and alkaline phosphatases. These organic acids can either dissolve phosphates as a result of anion exchange and chelated micronutrients in ionic forms associated with phosphates thereby reducing the dependence on chemical fertilizers.

Organic and Biologically extracted:
The components present in Nforce are organic and biologically extracted from the plant-based origin in soluble form and of low molecular weight due to which it gets easily breakdown into its metabolites and offers quick action.

Better performance:
The enzymes' contents of Aloe Vera in Nforce help to breakdown organic components in the rhizosphere for better performance and enhances the growth of the microbes present in the soil as a food source, to support productive soil microbial community.

Strengthen plant response:
Various other components present in the product are in biorational & bioavailable form which gets easily utilized by plants resulting in better performance and strengthen plant response & immunity systems, which can support plant health in a variety of growing conditions.


  • An eco-friendly solution to manage P deficiency in the crop and induce plant growth
  • Improved quality of crop and superior produce
  • A smart and sustainable solution to reduce incidence of diseases and bacteria in plants
  • Freedom to operate for the maximum benefits on plants and soil in short period
  • Reduce the dependence on chemical fertilizers
  • Phytotonic effect
  • Rejuvenation of roots as well as foliage

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