A multifaceted metabolic enhancer that stimulates plant growth, promoting sustainable crop yield, and enhance the quality of the produce


Soltris is a strong Biostimulator which is an innovation developed through SmartGenX technology. It is a unique formula derived from organic products in scientifically controlled conditions.

Various bioactive components present in Soltris improves the quality and quantity of crop production as well as improve the ability of plants to protect and repair themselves under biotic or abiotic conditions. The composition presents in Soltris provides excellent vegetative and reproductive growth of plants.

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500 ML/Acre

Foliar application, to ensure that spray droplet reaches every leaf of the crop for good foliar coverage

Soltris is recommended to be mixed in 200 L water and applied to the foliar of the designated crop in one acre. Ensure Soltris reaches every leaf of the crop and preferably applied during morning hours

  • 1st application: Apply "Soltris" during vegetative growth.
  • 2nd application: Pre-flowering stage
  • Multiple picking: In multiple harvested crops apply Soltris and Optium in the alternate harvest.

Mode of action

Plant Metabolic Stimulant:
Soltris acts as Plant Metabolic Stimulant by affecting specific plant growth processes. It maximizes the utilization of essential inputs as well as providing nutrients to prevent deficiency and overall strengthening of the plant. It prevents cell membrane collapse in water-stressed conditions by stabilizing turgor pressure and osmotic balance. The constituents in Soltris also function as a precursor to make plants healthy to fight against various biotic and abiotic factors.


  • Enhance the overall plant vitality
  • It bolsters resistance to biotic and abiotic stress conditions promoting the higher yield and better quality of produce
  • Act as the immunological inducers in the plants which helps to increase the resistance to the various diseases
  • Phytotonic effect in the plant for lush green crops
  • Healthier foliage and fruit appearance
  • Boost plant performance
  • Encourage flowering, fruit setting, and fruit development
  • Enhance the activity of natural phytohormones
  • Improves the transportation activity of enzymes that helps in the early development of fruits
  • Strengthen stem and reduce crop-lodging
  • Better uptake of Calcium and Nitrogen

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