An Ideal and safe solution for balanced crop nutrition

The Seven

The Seven is a bio-fertilizer containing live micro-organisms, which helps in enhancing the soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, mobilizing potassium, solubilizing phosphate and decomposing organic wastes and thereby producing plant growth substances.

It is based on latest SmartGenX technology the compositions of which are completely plant based.

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Recommended crops:

All field crops like Fruits, Vegetables, Wheat, Rice, Soybean and Cotton


500 ML/ Acre

When to use: Always apply The Seven during the early stages of the crop within 2 to 3 weeks of sowing or transplanting, ensure that The Seven reaches the root system of the crop. The Seven is compatible with all the common fertilizers.

  • Broadcasting mixing with Maxeroot (AMF) 4 KG/ Acre for the best results or sand or compost organic manure when soil is having sufficient moisture.
  • Soil drenching
  • Drip irrigation
  • Nursery plants roots through dipping just before transplanting

Mode of action

Micro-encapsulated formulation:
The Seven is a micro-encapsulated formulation with a Colony Forming Unit of 5 X 10(8) cells/ml. The microbes present in The Seven lives in consortium form due to which they help each other to grow in soil. When applied to the soil, the dormant forms of cells get activated, grow, and multiply by utilizing the carbon source in the soil or from root exudates.

Atmospheric nitrogen:
The Seven fixes atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to plants. Whereas phosphate solubilizing bacteria in consortium secrete organic acids-malic acid, succinic acid, gluconic acid, keto-gluconic acid, etc. convert complex phosphorus into phosphate and make it available to plant. The potash mobilizing bacteria release potash from the soil and make it available to the plants. These microbial families produce plant growth hormone, enhance vitamins uptake, and activates numerous enzymes involved in the activation of organic substances protein compounds. The Seven is a blue colour-coded product with aloe vera fragrance and no bad smell


  • Optimum Soil Health
    1) Maintain C:N ratio of the soil
    2) Improves soil fertility
    3) Balance soil pH
    4) Repairs the soil structure and Increases organic soil carbon content.
  • Increase yield, quality of the produce and enhances fertilizer use efficiency
  • Reduce problem of demineralization and loss of soil fertility
  • Reduces the salinity of the poor soil leading to loss of crops
  • Prolonged shelf life of the product
  • Boosts plant performance and helps in management of stress tolerance from biotic and abiotic conditions

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