A complete solution with plant growth-promoting bio-active substances to increase the crop yield and withstand the abiotic stress conditions


Touchgold is a biofertilizer in an aqueous suspension formulation containing Azospirillum, as a signature microbe. Azospirillum fixes atmospheric nitrogen into available form and provides to the plant while enhancing the soil-water-plant relations and soil health. It is a strong Biostimulator based on the latest SmartGenX Technology, The foliar application of Touchgold on the plants improves the ability of plants to protect and repair itself under the biotic or abiotic condition for maximum optimal genetic performance (on phyllosphere). The composition presents in Touchgold provide excellent vegetative and reproductive growth of plants resulting in better nourished and productive plants.

Touchgold is having a unique property of having the plant-based medium and has the presence of bioavailable essential L-Amino acids also which gets easily absorbed by plants and offer great efficacy. Touchgold is a golden yellow color-coded product with aloe vera essential oil fragrance without unpleasant smell

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Recommended crops:

Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane, Potato, Vegetables, Fruits, Cotton, Pulses, oilseeds, cereals, tea, and plantation crops


500 ML / Acre

Foliar application, to be used with NMD nozzle to ensure that spray droplet reaches every leaf of the crop for good foliar coverage

  • 1st Application during development and vegetative growth stage
  • 2nd Application during the branching stage
  • Multiple picking - Alternate application of Touchgold and Engrande after each picking

Preferably apply Touchgold during morning hours for best result,
Touchgold is compatible with commonly used foliar micronutrients.

Mode of action

When applied as a foliar to the crop, Touchgold interacts with the plant to increase the crop productivity :

SmartGenX Technology:
The foliar application of Azospirillum derived by SmartGenX Technology which is present in Touchgold is a source of highly bio-available nitrogen that is released by the plant over time, and acts as a complement to applied nitrogen and helps to enhance plant growth.

Touchgold contains Saccharides which is a major source of energy to improve the ability of plant tolerance in environmental stress conditions and provide strong structural support to the plant that helps in reducing crop lodging.

Touchgold contains a major organic compound - Anthraquinone which has a unique function of rejuvenation of plant tissues which triggers nearby cells to rejuvenate the damaged cells

Photosynthetic pathway:
Touchgold provides essential micronutrients that are necessary for building an active photosynthetic pathway.

Boost plant metabolism:
The carbon and essential minerals in Touchgold are known to boost plant metabolism and increase the uptake of available nutrients.

Essential L-amino acids:
Touchgold also contains essential L-amino acids in a bioavailable form which provides ready-made building blocks for protein synthesis.


  • Complete plant nutrition solution which promotes plant growth and stem elongation
  • Foliar application provide rapid response in plants
  • Phytotonic effect
  • Reduces flower dropping
  • Strengthen the stem and reduce crop-lodging
  • Vigorous plant development
  • Visible lush leaves, spot-free crop and fruit
  • Immediate solution to reduce plant micro nutritional deficiency
  • Ensure quantitative and qualitative yield

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